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We're a boutique design stable creating public art at the intersection of technology and sustainability.

The inner lives of trees

Silent Observers

What if trees could talk? Which stories would they tell throughout the centuries?

Silent Observers is an art installation made of tree discs that are brought to life through precise projection mapping.

Large trees have long life spans and silently endure the changing times around them throughout history. By accentuating their innate growth rings with animated projection content, we draw attention to the fact that trees are living beings.

Tunnel vision


Macula is a first-of-its-kind sculpture made out of sustainably harvested bamboo precisely mapped with bespoke video animation.

This installation is an immersive experience as the audience is invited to walk through this artwork’s  mesmerising, pulsing light show which invokes the perception of an abstract journey as the visitor wanders deeper into it.

Macula premiered at Vivid Sydney 2022 and is now a touring art installation. Please contact us for for availability and pricing. 

Vivid sydney 2022

New York Sunday

Screen Shot 2022-06-30 at 6.50.58 pm

The façade of the Museum of Contemporary Art at Circular Quay lit up with the art of famous Australian artist Helen Eager – an 8 minute projection show designed and animated by H0RSE in close collaboration with Eager showcasing a chronological journey through her career.

Our aim is to provide a brief escape from your everyday life. We want to show you something you’ve never seen before.

We specialise in projection mapping of animated content onto complex organic surfaces and façades.

Jardin Des Plantes, Paris

Océan en Voie

In 2019, Artistic Director Lucy Keeler from Public Art Australia hired us for the design of a number of animal shaped lanterns for the aquatic light exhibition Océan en Voie D’illumination at the Paris Zoo.

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from the h0rse's mouth


“I can’t say enough about how great it was to work with Rico! He really listened to what we needed, graciously accepted and incorporated feedback, and delivered an awesome product in a very short time. He’s both creative and efficient, which made our collaboration a true pleasure.”
Jen Fela – Global Engagement Lead, Plastic Free Future, Greenpeace USA
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"Thank you for the brilliant design and amazing brand clarity about I received as a result of the very thorough brand session and your unique, flawless model of human-centered design thinking. We look forward to continue to work together."
Dr Ginny Monteiro – Managing Director, Altitude Minds
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"I had the opportunity to work with Rico over the last 5 years. He is one of the most professional, creative and dedicated designers I have known. His ability to come up with new concepts, understand design briefs and initiate execution is second to none. I wouldn’t hesitate to contact him for the next project, knowing that I’ll receive a high quality product."
Michel Holland – Marketing Automation | Lead Nurturing | Demand Generation | Marketing Technology | ROI | Marketo
"Rico is very pleasant and easy to deal with. He worked with us on a major rebranding project. He had some brilliant ideas for the logo and "Kelato Equine Wellness Concept" graphic! He managed to interpret our thoughts and requests (often whilst they were still being solidified in our own minds) and turn them into something we are proud of."
Adam Blackhall – Kelato Animal Health
"Rico is an original thinker and brings to branding, design and digital media a creative and productive mind-set. It is rare that you work with someone who can inspire, develop and lead teams to his level. Rico's branding work and effort on media campaigns was tremendous."
Adrian Gribbin – CFO & COO
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