what we're all about

We love mapping the unmappable.
Complex structures are our favourite canvas.

Photo: ‘Synthesis’ (Vivid Sydney 2016). Conceived/directed by Nicholas Tory and Ample Projects while we were hired as artists to work on it.

in a nutshell

We are award-winning artists and designers who are passionate about creating enchanting, immersive visual experiences for audiences at events, festivals and ceremonies.

We have projection-mapped intricate art deco buildings, majestic trees and custom-built sculptures. Nature and the environment are an important source of inspiration for us and we use sustainable techniques and materials wherever we can.  

We’re located in Sydney, Australia and we work location-independently with clients around the world. We work swiftly, with passion and are a pleasure to collaborate with. Drop us a line, we’re all ears. 

Meet the founders

With nearly two decades of experience in the design industry, Rico Reinhold has inspired a wide range of artistic projects that engage and connect customers. Over the past years he shifted interest to the strategic thinking behind design to understand user and customer behaviour. Now he works with organisations to help them create awe inspiring pieces of public art for their audiences. 

Rico is a people person who values emotional intelligence and authentic relationships and he believes that a high five goes a long way. Having lived and worked in a number of countries in Europe, Asia and Australia, he’s gathered invaluable experience, cultural insights and an understanding of our human desire to be connected. He aims to bring these skills to every project we’re working on here at H0RSE. 

In his free time, you can find Rico fitting out his van, learning to play the guitar or riding his motorcycle.

Julian Reinhold is an award-winning, multidisciplinary motion graphics designer and videographer with 2 decades of international experience. He has been involved as a Designer and Art Director in the Vivid Sydney light festival since 2012 on numerous projects as well as international events throughout Asia and Europe. 

Julian has specialised in video mapping large-scale formats as well as complex and organic facades. More recently he has found motivation in creating custom-designed structures to act as a canvas for projection art. Check out his previous work here.

When he’s not busy creating beautiful animations and renders, you can find him hanging off rock cliffs or hunting the perfect cup of Pu’Er. 

gotta believe in something

Our Values

Be curious.

Open-ended and open-minded
inquiry leads to new solutions.

Work like a h0rse.

Yes, work hard, but let body
and mind run wild and free.

Be a little better every day.

Strive for continuous progress
and improvement.

Be authentic.

People can smell insincerity
and fake from miles away.

Create value.

For our clients, our team
and the world. 

Be friendly.

A bear hug or a high five
go a long way.

Speak the truth.

Because even the little white
lies come back eventually
to bite you in the ass.

Be uncomfortable.

There’s no progress and
learning in the comfort zone.

(Office hammocks are totally fine though.)

Have a blast.

It’s gotta be fun, otherwise
what’s the point.

seriously mate

What's with the name?

Throughout history and cultures, the horse stands for many desirable characteristics in a creative firm such as strength, endurance and power, but also grace and beauty. 

It also symbolises hard labour and work ethics as well as an unabashed desire for freedom and running wild. 

Historically horses were among the first branded animals – they have been involved, at least on the receiving end, since the dawn of branding. 

America’s iconic song ‘Horse with No Name’ sits firmly in the top ten of our playlist every year (according to Spotify).

Rico owns several motorcycles and loves going on rides and overnight trips around the country. His first bike was named the ‘Horse with No Name’. 

We conveniently abbreviated it to horse with zero name. H0RSE.