Synthesis (Royal Botanical Garden, Sydney) by Ample Projects

Synthesis is an artistic exploration into the soul of an honourable Morton Bay Fig in Sydney’s Royal Botanical Garden, an imagination of the inner life of a tree. This intricate projection-mapping project showcased during Vivid Sydney.

An old, majestic Morton Bay Fig tree was used as a 360 degree canvas and projected onto from all sides using multiple sources. Since then we have specialised in projecting animated content onto complex, organic surfaces.

Credits: This project is an Ample Projects artwork conceived/directed by Nicholas Tory where we were hired as artists. Senior art director: Julian Reinhold,  Illustration/Art: Rico Reinhold, additional 3Dmodeling/VFX: Kieran Kenny and Evan Whiteside. Soundtrack composition by Jonathan Nix

  • Public Art
  • Projection Mapping
  • 3D Animation

Watch the award-winning show

The inspiration

This series of artistic illustrations inspired the mood of the second, much darker half of the projection show.