New York Sunday

New York Sunday

H0RSE teamed up with Australia’s leading abstractionist Helen Eager to turn the facade of the Museum of Contemporary Arts into a giant canvas for Vivid Sydney 2022. We animated her career spanning over three decades in a chronological manner which resulted in an 8 minute epic feast of form and color.

  • Public Art
  • Fine Art
  • Projection Mapping
  • 3D Animation
  • Audio Composition

New York Sunday at VIVID 2022

Fitting the triangle into the square.

Helen Eager has always had shape and color at the heart of her art and the invitation to make a work to be projected onto the MCA for VIVID 2022 gave Eager the chance to work with colour in a new way, using pure light.

We turned the MCA into majestic cliffs of colour that will shift and morph into new combinations derived from the original water colours created in New York.

We were proud to be able to create this kinetic retrospective of Eager’s work, a visual journey told on the outside walls of the MCA accompanied by a Paul Mac soundtrack.