betterplace lab (Berlin, Germany)

The betterplace lab is the think tank of online donations platform The lab is exploring and showcasing digital trends and how they can be used for social impact. We were asked to develop the brand identity for the field study ‘lab around the world’. The project is researching how people and grass roots organisations in different countries use new tech to solve problems. 

Challenge: Portrait the fast progress of tech innovation for social causes in developing countries.
Solution: Get inspired by the look and feel of hand-painted advertising in developing countries, usually done on concrete walls or wooden fences. Combine it with a bright, sunny, colourful palette and a typography style sporting individually crafted letters – Juxtaposed with stories about tech start-ups, digital innovation, hackathons and co-working spaces. 
  • Brand identity
  • Logo Design
  • Look and feel
  • Editorial
  • Infographics
  • Presentation design
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