New York Sunday

New York Sunday New York Sunday H0RSE teamed up with Australia’s leading abstractionist Helen Eager to turn the facade of the Museum of Contemporary Arts into a giant canvas for Vivid Sydney 2022. We animated her career spanning over three decades in a chronological manner which resulted in an 8 minute epic feast of form … Read more


Macula (Bamboo Installation & Projection) Macula is a custom-built bamboo sculpture which will be brought to life through projection mapping. It is a first-of-its-kind sculpture made out of sustainably harvested bamboo precisely mapped with bespoke video animation.  Shaped like a spiralling tunnel of natural bamboo combs with an aesthetically pleasing appearance during daylight, the installation is a … Read more


Synthesis Synthesis (Royal Botanical Garden, Sydney) by Ample Projects Synthesis is an artistic exploration into the soul of an honourable Morton Bay Fig in Sydney’s Royal Botanical Garden, an imagination of the inner life of a tree. This intricate projection-mapping project showcased during Vivid Sydney. An old, majestic Morton Bay Fig tree was used as a … Read more