Silent Observers

What if trees could talk? Which stories would they tell throughout the centuries? Silent Observers – A Natural Art Installation in Light  Silent Observers is an art installation made of tree discs that are brought to life through precise projection mapping. Large trees have long life spans and silently endure the changing times around them throughout history. … Read more

New York Sunday

New York Sunday New York Sunday H0RSE teamed up with Australia’s leading abstractionist Helen Eager to turn the facade of the Museum of Contemporary Arts into a giant canvas for Vivid Sydney 2022. We animated her career spanning over three decades in a chronological manner which resulted in an 8 minute epic feast of form … Read more


Macula (Bamboo Installation & Projection) Macula is a custom-built bamboo sculpture which will be brought to life through projection mapping. It is a first-of-its-kind sculpture made out of sustainably harvested bamboo precisely mapped with bespoke video animation.  Shaped like a spiralling tunnel of natural bamboo combs with an aesthetically pleasing appearance during daylight, the installation is a … Read more

Ocean en Voie d’Illumination

Our oceans give life to some of the most intricate and diverse eco systems on Earth. Despite their vastness, they have been facing severe challenges over the past decades. Océan en Voie D’illumination (Paris, France) Océan en Voie D’illumination is a 2.5km immersive art experience produced by Public Art Australia for the Muséum National d’Histoire … Read more


Synthesis Synthesis (Royal Botanical Garden, Sydney) by Ample Projects Synthesis is an artistic exploration into the soul of an honourable Morton Bay Fig in Sydney’s Royal Botanical Garden, an imagination of the inner life of a tree. This intricate projection-mapping project showcased during Vivid Sydney. An old, majestic Morton Bay Fig tree was used as a … Read more

Conscious Grounds

Conscious Ground (Mullumbimby, Australia) Conscious Ground Australia is an Earth School with a focus on earth building, food, farming and wellbeing. Their goal is to find leaders and to nurture and prepare them to transform the planet. H0RSE was commissioned to create branded content showcasing the picturesque Byron Bay facility. The objective was to tell the … Read more

Greenpeace – Meat & Life stock

Greenpeace – Meat & Life stock campaign (San Francisco, US) The global Food & Livestock campaign by Greenpeace required printed/digital infographics to explain the effects of meat over-consumption on human health. I worked with the teams in Amsterdam and San Francisco on this and other Greenperace campaigns. Challenge: How do you make results and findings in … Read more

Greenpeace – Create your own Plastic Monster

Greenpeace – Create your own plastic monster This is an extension to the global Greenpeace campaign Don’t feed the plastic monster. The campaign was directed against Nestle and other major FMCG packaging producers. Users create their own plastic monsters in Instagram to create extra buzz and put pressure on corporate leaders to rethink and reduce … Read more

Greenpeace Plastic Monster

Greenpeace – Don’t feed the Plastic Monster (Global campaign) Nestlé and other multinational corporations produce massive amounts of single-use plastic packaging. As we all know, plastic is devastating communities, polluting natural environments, and threatening marine creatures around the world. Last year, Nestlé used 1.7 million tonnes of plastic packaging. And while their latest move is … Read more

Lean Strategy

Lean Strategy Lean Strategy is an Australian based Continuous Improvement service provider whose approach it is to blend the best from the philosophies and methodologies of both Lean and Systems thinking. They offer consulting, coaching, training and mentoring services to support organisational optimisation and change. We helped them define their brand personality, reposition the brand, … Read more